About Halle Building Group

After building thousands of homes, Halle Building Group has a reputation for quality and customer service that is second to none. Known for the highest standards of construction, a "Halle Home" is even used as a re-sale asset. This tradition continues with the custom new homes and commercial properties that are being built in various new projects in North Carolina.

How it all began…

Warren Halle and Founding Member Mike Howington were initially brought together by a common interest in the refurbishment of show-quality motorcycles. Halle and Howington met in Europe in the late 1990s while on an international tour to showcase each of their award-winning bikes, which had been selected as two of the top 25 refurbished motorcycles in the United States. The two became fast friends.

Halle Building Group

Led by entrepreneur Warren Halle with over 40 years of construction and development experience. Warren Halle is CEO of The Halle Companies, one of the most highly respected and successful developers of premier residential and commercial real estate properties in the nation. The Halle Companies have developed several award-winning projects in the metropolitan Washington DC area.

 Apex First Development

In recognizing the Triangle as one of the most desirable areas in which to live, Mr. Halle and Founding member Mike Howington began purchasing small parcels of land in Apex and other areas near Raleigh, NC. Halle and Howington established Apex First Development, and Halle Building Group to manage their growing number of North Carolina projects. They have been recognized for their stewardship and philanthropy in Downtown Apex.

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